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ListedToday is one of four businesses under the specialty-marketing firm JustForRealEstate. In September of 2005, JustForRealEstate launched ListedToday, the high quality and affordable buyer lead generation service and has already had an overwhelming number of real estate professionals purchasing subscriptions. ListedToday was formed in response to requests from the firms ValueMyHouse customer base. ValueMyHouse connects home sellers to local real estate professionals while ListedToday unites home buyers with local agents.

ListedToday allows a home buyer to request FREE home listing reports via the Internet, based on the individuals buying criteria. The service enables local real estate professionals to introduce their services to home buyers without pressure to do business together. Following delivery of the complimentary reports, the home buyer and real estate professional can determine if there is mutual interest with present or future real estate matters.

JustForRealEstate has a customer base of over 3,000 real estate professionals nationally, represented by the six major real estate brokers and hundreds of other realty companies. The tremendous growth of JustForRealEstate has prompted plans for expansion, including a move to a new and larger headquarters. The company will continue its strategy of leveraging market and customer research conducted by an outside firm to improve its product offerings. While other companies claim to have product offerings designed by and for real estate professionals, JustForRealEstate is listening to thousands of real estate professionals and taking action to meet their needs.

With its focus on the real estate professional along with current and prospective homeowners, ListedToday will continue its mission to connect home buyers to local real estate professionals so homes that are ListedToday will be “closing tomorrow".


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